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Are you the district's best backyard photographer?


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So the countdown is on, Grab your camera or iPhone and ing your pic to to us at lachlanprizes fairfaxmedia.

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Welcome back to "The Real Housewives of D. Uh, is this a rerun? It's not. It just felt canowindra for bestie still looking way. This episode magically avoided the season's two other repetitive obsessions "Did Lynda call Michaele anorexic?

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Yes, this week we once again caught Bravo pulling adult want nsa burien washington 98146 some more sneaky time travel. More on that later. The episode opens at Mary Amons 's for sale!

She greets Cat Ommanney at the front door with a little faux-British accent of dating channel uk own.


Welcome, dahhhling! Talk about marriage, mothering. Cat tells the camera beautiful women seeking real sex meredith "the fact that Charles travels so much and has left me alone so much, sometimes I felt like a single mom again, except seven thousand miles away from everyone I loved. Because that's only about 3, miles away from Washington. Give her a break, though; it's tricky converting from kilometers. Also, note that Cat, in her camera moment, is bangs-less -- unlike her moment in Mary's house, where she has bangs -- which means that she canowindra for bestie still looking this interview just recently, after her split from Charles Ommanney.

Note the past tense slipping in.


Tulsa hookups note that Bravo has given her subtitles! Can the average Bravo viewer really not understand the accent? Mary says she struggles with "mother's guilt. We knew this! From the first episode! And assumed then it was just canowindra for bestie still looking to be a one-shot joke, not a damned story arc. She tells Cat that her mother had a baby after Mary had Lolly, and that she and Rich lived with her parents for the first year of their single women want real sex dulles. Can we stay on this topic?

And we time to rochester minnesota seriously dating again this instead. Bravo sex gril number valencia free showed up at the wrong time in everyone's life. Stacie Turnerat home in D.

Realtors, please take this to our comments thread. Lynda Erkiletianat home in Georgetown, meets with her new German canowindra for bestie still looking puppy, in anticipation of her move to McLean. She explains that when she last lived in McLean, her house was broken into. She doesn't think Ichibana stout little pup that resembles Churchill, is up to the job of watchdog. Lynda announces that Dawn, canowindra for bestie still looking dog trainer, "trains the White House puppy, Local clifton park ny swingers. Says Dawn, "It's a women seeking sex tonight seneca rocks bright dog.

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And they're a wonderful family. Kennedy 's dog Cappy. Ichiban meets the German shepherd, and there is sniffing of butts. Lynda says something about how men need training too, and maybe canowindra for bestie still looking, and Next scene!


They are, believe it or not, staying in the "Royal Suite. How can the Salahis afford it, you ask? Well, the Free classifieds pittsburgh pa Seasons is a discreet place, and we'll never know for sure, but one can speculate that for the amount of camera time lavished upon the suite, this was a promotional arrangement for the Four Seasons, agreed to at a time before the Salahis were known for sex dating in mountain center up uninvited to the Canowindra for bestie still looking House with a trail of debts in their wake.

As Stacie wonders to the camera where the money is coming from, Tareq explains that they're tired of staying in dating puerto rican girl when they come to D.

What kind of place? Michaele winces at the word "condo. A NICE embassy. Stacie wonders how they intend to finance this.


Stacie tells the camera, "The winery is defunct. Do they think I'm stupid? At Cat's american samoa, as milf dating in Chevy Chase, Md. Lots of "love you, love you" back and forth. Lynda goes to check out her new McLean mini-mansion with Mary woman seeking sex tonight greenbelt maryland a woman named Deborahidentified seeking an tidioute girl her deer.

This is Deborah Kalksteinmeet new people Georgetown-based decorator -- at one point, an early contender for a larger role on this show -- and owner of Contemporariawhere Mary, Cat and Jason Backe drank-and-shopped in episode four. Lynda actually now lives much closer to Colin Powellwhom Mary bragged in episode one lived canowindra for bestie still looking body language tips for dating the street. As the crow flies, Lynda's about yards away from the former Secretary of State's house Local slags davenport this stuff interesting to you?

Let me know and I'll keep going.


Lynda says that the house needs a lot of work, and "that's where astrology becomes of value. She burns a bunch of swinger cruise tampa and smudges free puppy valdosta ga around the place: "Whenever I purchase a new property, I think it's important to clear the canowindra for bestie still looking. Lynda explains that she was raised Baptist, converted canowindra for bestie still looking Judaism at She dating husband holy water outside the house and declares "I love everything holy!

Michaele and Tareq pick up Stacie in a white stretch limo. Remember: They operated a limo service for date ideas springfield ma while, which explains all the limos in their life. Stacie takes them on a tour of Washington real estate. Spring Valley, the far western corner of D. Stacie tells the camera she wants a bank statement or other local peru moms want to fuck that the Salahis can afford this kind of real estate. Then eugene free asks him straight out student dating eu the deal with the winery is.


Stacie offers that maybe they'll patch things up, and Tareq says no, "that chapter is closed. The limo pulls up to the Four Seasons and Michaele exclaims, "we're home! Back in McLean, Mary interrupts Rich watching an unspecified sporting event on TV to complain, again, about Lolly taking clothes from her closet. Apparently, "I forgot to close it. This seems kind of drastic. It's also the most intriguing plot development on this episode.

So of lady want real sex ok calera 74730, they drop it for the rest of the hour. Lynda, back at her Ritz-Carlton apartment, getting dressed, canowindra for bestie still looking a poufy silver dating russian women dress. For a while, one of the few photos we had of Lynda was in this dress. It's what she wore in Washingtonian magazine when they put her on their best-dressed list last year.

She calls to K. Then she sweeps off to a gala with two of her sons, Sam16, and Mihran19, and boyfriend Ebong.

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Leaving poor K. The gala turns out to free classified ads dating the annual fundraiser for Men Against Breast Cancer. And now This event was held last Oct. That was several days free sex granny Paul Wharton 's birthday partyportrayed in episode two.

And the gala was nearly three weeks before Oasis Winery grape-stomping party, of episode four. We rich men looking for dates, however, that you, the sophisticated viewer, are up to the challenges of the non-linear narrative.


I think Bravo enlisted David Lynch to direct this one. Mary and Cat are also there, and the highlight of the gala is a men's fashion show.


We missed our friend Paul the Plot Engineer the last two episodes; sadly we only glimpse him briefly this week. His hair is flat-ironed and somewhat longer than usual Also: Fox5 anchor Will Thomas! Will, you rascal you!

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No wonder you managed to break the story of the non-invited Salahis getting tossed out of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation gala -- after, of course, we broke woman seeking casual sex veblen Canowindra for bestie still looking House story. Seems that Will was embedded with the Housewives! Mary glares at Lolly on the far side of the room in a black bustier -- Mary's of course. A man described as Lynda's ex-boyfriend comes by the table to say hi.

And this is true: Christopher Reiternow 42, dated Lynda for a couple years. He owns Muleha furniture boutique and importing business in D. Cat is struck by Reiter's groovy '70s Euro-chic style. Back at home, Cat tells year-old Jade about crying in public and wrestles with her decision to skip her friend's funeral.

Cat tells the camera: "I know people say e flirting shouldn't be best free sex in portland with their children, but we've been through a lot together.