90 Cozy Farmhouse Living Room with Rug Decor Ideas

54 Cozy Farmhouse Living Room with Rug Decor Ideas

Ever since the farmhouse look first rose in popularity a few years ago, it has begun to be mixed with other décor styles to keep things fresh and right-this-minute. For example, the modern farmhouse trend has been gaining steam, marked by traditional farmhouse elements meshed with sleek lines, futuristic lighting and contemporary materials.

Now there’s even a further twist on modern farmhouse styling. All of the expected farmhouse must-haves are there—shiplap walls, white interiors, vintage finds—and then another layer is added through free-spirited décor—Aztec and kilim patterning, woven chairs and wall art and other items that communicate a global, or 1970’s, feel. It’s always noteworthy when a home mixes together two, or even three, design styles, and does it well. If you’re not one for a single style, like farmhouse, incorporating tribal motifs is an opportunity to present eclectic, and striking, decorating.

To get inspired, take a look around these spaces that have perfected the bohemian farmhouse trend.

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