85 Cozy Farmhouse Living Room Lighting Lamps Decor Ideas

04 Cozy Farmhouse Living Room Lighting Lamps Decor Ideas

Your living room has to work hard. One minute it’s host to movie marathons and the next transformed into a place for reading, homework and intensely competitive board games. That means there quite a few factors to consider when looking for living room lighting ideas. In general, living rooms tend to require three types of lighting ideas: accent, task and ambient (overhead). But within those basic requirements, you are pretty much free to play fast and loose with your lighting.

So, whether you are looking for an elegant table lamp for a traditional living room or something a bit more statement to match your Mid-century style, we’ve got loads of stylish living room lighting ideas to get you inspired. If you need guidance on what to choose, read our guide to how to plan living room lighting. If you’re working on a total living room redesign, you’ll benefit from reading our guide to how to design a living room.

Simple designs can often be the most striking in a modern living room, so go all out on dramatic shapes and unusual fixtures. Arc floor lights, with their elegant silhouettes and bulbous shades, are a modern classic, plus they are a great stand-in for overhead lights. Creating a warm, even glow around the edges of your room is key, especially if you are working with a north-facing living room. Wall lights will bounce light back into the room, making it feel cosier and giving the room more depth than overhead lights.

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