85 Beautiful Curb Appeal Spring Garden Ideas

75 Beautiful Curb Appeal Spring Garden Ideas

Spring is finally here! With this checklist as your guide, help your home burst into spring with a curb appeal makeover. Pick as few (or as many) tasks as you want to tackle, from porch swings to plantings, and your home will be looking its best before you can say “baseball season.”

The front door should be your home’s exterior focal point — ramp up the appeal by painting it a rich hue, updating door hardware or adding a new knocker. For a seasonal touch, hang a spring wreath or craft your own eclectic one using gardening tools, as these creative homeowners did.

Curb appeal starts at the curb — so instead of just planting inside the border of your fence or stone wall, plant perennials and spring bulbs just outside it as well. The extra layer of foliage and color will create a sense of depth, making your front yard appear larger. If you don’t have a fence, planting perennials in the hell strip between the curb and sidewalk can have a similar effect.

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